The Plea of a Bee,”- a bee enters a home, knowing he is instantly disliked based on his appearance (first place winner in Asian Student Association creative writing contest)

My being here is purely of an accidental nature. I do not mean to intrude or impose into your world; I am merely a curious explorer.  The tension I sensed when I entered through the window instantly made me feel uncomfortable.  If I could have left, I would have.

“Aruba, One Happy Island” 10-1 countdown using Aruba’s beauty –Fandanglemagazine.com (July 2007)

Ten Queen Angelfish swish their fins, nine hungry pelicans watch them swim…two smiling children swim hand in hand, One Happy Island surrounded by sand!

Newspaper/Journal Articles:

“Jury Duty: Serving with a Smile,: Hartford Courant (February 2008)

“Stacy The Stegasaurs Vists Superintendent,” Bloomfield Journal (2005)

“Parents please help keep our spirits alive,” Bloomfield Journal (2006)

“The Fall,” Statesman Magazine, (1990)

“The Other 4th’s,” Children Come First.com


Pre-published manuscripts:
“Franny’s Fungus” -a non-fiction book about a unique fungus children will love

“Deeper, damper, danker, our boots squelched, the hammer and chisel clanked and Franny foraged on…”

“The Ambushing Blueberry Bush” -a whimsical story about a blueberry bush seeking berries

“My berries they are so dull and small, they surely have no taste at all,” Blue’s spiritless branches crumbled under the children’s sneakers as they reached day after day for bigger, juicer berries.


‘Mortimer Snodgrass”-a messy, self absorbed friend-less boy..makes a friend!

“Mortimer Snodgrass looked a mess

Dirty hair, icky nose so fashion-less!”


“The Toe-Eating Mommy,”-what the child thinks about a mommy loving his toes!

“‘The toe eating mommy strikes without warning, she’ll go for your toes in the evening or morning.  She watches the socks or signs of slipping, she’ll wait by the ankle, ready for nipping.  She hides in the closets, lurks in the hall, watching and waiting for that sock to fall…”

“My TV Watched Me!”- a t.v. stalking a t.v. watching child..a little scary, a little enlightening
“The Spice Racket“-set in a spice rack, an argument amongst spices
“I Can’t Find The Time,” “Running On Empty,” “Tell it like it is”- humourous idiom stories
“There’s A Bison On My Bicycle,”-a serious problem, satisfied at the end
“Upstairs, Downstairs,”- a board book, about children and their daily encounters with the stairs
“Lost in a Book,”-Whoops, ended up inside the book?!
“Wigilia,”- a tale of Polish Christmas tradition
“Grandpa’s Secret,”- A fishing trip, that explains the universal karma of making your wishes come true
“Rock-A-Bye Night,”-a soothing good-night board book format
“Wedding Countdown,”-explains a wedding in simple numerical format from 10-1 and then 1-10 for the youngest of wedding guests!

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