1-2-3…Hehehe: Using the Rule of Three by @kamikinard plus a #Giveaway!

I love humor, I love funny, I love the rule of 3’s can’t wait to weave it into one of my funny pieces, thank you!!!

Nerdy Chicks Write

Humor sells. We’ve all heard that before. But how do we write something funny? As authors, making people laugh can be challenging. We can’t use physical humor and pratfall our way into chuckles like Chevy Chase. Neither can we rely on Amy Poehler-like wacky facial expressions to get the giggles. And, unfortunately, we can’t use inflections in our voices to hammer humor home the way Chris Rock does.

The only tools we have in our comic tool chests are words.  And that’s where the Rule of Three comes in.

Rule of three

The Rule of Three is a tool anyone – picture book authors and novelists alike – can use to

WISH_boyproject_comp (1) Yes, the Rule of Three is used in this book!

evoke humor! There are multiple reasons to use this technique, and volumes written about why to use it. I’m going to focus on just one of them: using the rule of three…

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Judy Bloom

I recently returned from a vacation, where I stumbled upon the fact that Judy Bloom is volunteering in a bookstore in Key West, Florida called Books & Books.  She was instrumental in the set up of the store and routinely comes in to help out with her husband.  I made my family stand outside to… Continue reading Judy Bloom

NF PB Journey: Picture Book Rubric

Excellent resources provided by Nancy! I love the rubrics!


NF PB Rubric

If you’ve been following along here on my blog, you know that right now we’re exploring Charlesbridge, especially their nonfiction picture books. (CLICK HERE if you want to start at the very first post about this journey.)

When I read over picture books, I like to read them for pleasure. But then I also like to study them and analyze them and try to understand what works and what doesn’t.

To help me evaluate my favorite Charlesbridge published nonfiction picture books, I developed a picture book rubric that I fill out. It’s amazing how filling in this rubric helps me then write and self-edit my own picture book manuscripts to make them shine!

To download a copy of your very own NONFICTION PICTURE BOOK RUBRIC, visit the site of my writing buddies, Writing According to Humphrey and Friends. Click on the link for the NONFICTION PICTURE BOOK…

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