So I sat in many writing workshops this past weekend and am amazed at how many times this book came up.  I thought to myself, “okay, I’ve been to enough conferences, this is getting old.”  Then I shut that cranky brain commentator off and listened.  I was astounded at how many more things I could learn about this story!  Like how the illustrations actually grow with the momentum of the story!  This simple book, this simple classic book, this amazing piece of literature, continued to teach me, when I let myself learn.


Shelf Unbound’s Middle Shelf

Writing and Illustrating

While surfing the web I came across Middle Shelf Magazine and thought you might be interested in knowing you can subscribe for free. Then I discovered that Steve Mooser – yes SCBWI’s Steve Mooser was featured in the January/February issue. Click here to subscribe for free, read the full magazine, and Steve’s Interview. http://issuu.com/middleshelf/docs/middle_shelf_january-february_2015

steve mooser

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MY Space


This is MY space..It’s my place for writing, it’s my place for reading, my place for daydreaming and my place for sleeping when I just can’t stand the feet in my ribcage and flipping and flopping of my little angels.  This is a sacred space.  Because it’s MINE!  There is no eating Frosted Flakes here, no munching crackers at night and certainly no fruit juice allowed.  The items in MY space are those that have meaning to me.  There are no sports  teams represented, no small underpants under this bed and certainly not candy wrappers.  MY space.  I had to take me back..so I gave me MY space.  Don’t get me wrong if you would like to visit MY space, you can, with permission and without sticky fingers!